Geräteträger mit 42mm Durchmesser

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Geräteträger aus 42mm starkem Edelstahl

Der Geräteträger passt auf jedes Boot. Es können auf dem Trgäger Navigationslichter, Fender, Radar, Bimini oder Solar befestigt werden. Der Geräteträger wird mit Schrauben geliefert. Die Höhe beträgt 126cm.Die Breite kann von 90cm bis 110cm angepasst werden


This roll bar is designed to fit any type of boat.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it can be used as a support for lights, aerial, buoy, radar, flag, VHF, projector, sensor, solar panel, sun awning, bimini, etc.

Its polished body set is made entirely of marine grade 316L stainless steel, and is manufactured according to the rules of art.

The tube roll bar diameter is 42x2 and its height 1260mm. It is made of stainless steel. The width can be regulated to the value from 900 to 1100mm thanks to the tube 60.3 x2 diameter sleeve. It is flat-mounted, using the M10.



Instructions for assembly:

The roll bar comes with screws. Once all these elements are placed on their final positions on your boat, you just have to tighten the screws M10 to the telescopic sleeve.